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equilibrium's Journal
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Below are the 8 most recent journal entries recorded in equilibrium's LiveJournal:

Tuesday, April 24th, 2001
12:17 am
Walk to New Orleans
Over the weekend, I traveled to New Orleans and browsed the French Festival. My friends and I took a tour of the haunted houses there. On Saturday, we walked around the French Quarters for approximately 11 1/2 hours. The trip took about 6 hours both ways. At least I received some well deserved rest.

Current Mood: rejuvenated
Friday, April 20th, 2001
1:20 am
About two weeks ago, I made a new friend. Even though she is somewhat weird, I think she is cool. Lately, she has been trying to find a reason to beat me up. I constantly remind her that she would not hurt me. On another note, I think the junior senior rivalry is about to begin. Honestly, I have been waiting all year for it. (May the fun begin!) For some reason, I still feel confused.

Current Mood: devious
Thursday, April 19th, 2001
1:18 am
Thank goodness today ended the "depression." Only two more days before I leave for New Orleans. I still have much to do. First of all, my school work must be completed and begun, and then I need to get a few things straight in my head. I seem to be in a state of confusion. I am sure that there is something I need to say and get off my chest, but I just don't know what it is. FYI: I posted a new comment for 4/10.

Current Mood: confused
Tuesday, April 17th, 2001
12:57 pm
I enjoyed my Easter break. Being away from school, sleeping in my on bed, and not having to worry about homework was wonderful. I left home around 1pm yesterday traveled through Columbus to Tuscaloosa. I became depressed once I reentered Mississippi and approached the MUW campus. My depression could not have come at a better time since today at 5pm, I start "Depression Day." The "day" is part of my history project. My class along with 3 other history classes at school have to reenact the Depression for about 24 hours. This includes taking cold showers and brushing our teeth with baking soda, wearing 20s clothing, and eating soup, grits, and crackers. We are not allowed to use telephones, watch tv, or use lights unless we are studying.
Thursday, April 12th, 2001
3:55 pm
Last night, I went to Friendship Cemetery because my friends and classmates were participating in Tales from the Crypt. Tales is the original idea of the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science. Each year, junior history students research and portray important Columbus citizens from the past. As soon as my mom gets here, I will be leaving to go home for Easter break. Most of my friends have already gone.

Current Mood: happy
Wednesday, April 11th, 2001
2:02 pm
I spotted a bat in my room just before I went to sleep last night. When I told my roommate, she started freaking out. Since I was on the top bunk, I jumped down and ran out. When I turned around she was on my heels. I thought I was having a nightmare because I could not wake any of the RA's on my floor. Somewhere around 3am, after the head hall lady, an RA, and a security guard were called, I fell asleep in my friend's room down the hall. Even though I had a bad night, I was determined for my day to be better. Everything was going great until 12:30, when my teacher started acting crazy. She already doesn't like my class, but on top of that, she didn't want us to leave and go see a play that had been rescheduled from earlier in the day. Right now, I am just trying to look over people and not let anyone upset me because I am going home tomorrow.
Tuesday, April 10th, 2001
8:49 am
Yesterday I upset someone I really care about. I think we are cool now, but I need to stop acting crazy. I know it's me and not them because every time I think a person is getting to close to me, I try and push them away even though I don't really want them to go anywhere. My fear of getting hurt is going to cause me to lose all of my friends.

Current Mood: confused
Monday, April 9th, 2001
4:04 pm
Last night, I returned to school feeling energized and revived. My weekend was awesome. I hung out with junior high kids at a church youth retreat in Oxford. I met a bunch of new people, so I am happy. Today has gone well. I had initially expected this to be a horrible week, but it's turning out to be better than I could have hoped. I should be in Calculus tutorials seeing that I have a test Wednesday, but I decided to set up my journal instead. I am such a good prioritizer!
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